Premium Home Furnace Air Filters for Pet Owners
Finally a Home Air Filter that Effectively Helps You Reduce Pet Dander in Your Home
Pet dander and other allergens can be a real problem when it is present in your home. You love your pets but you hate when yourself, your family, or your guests come to your home only to leave stuffed up, with itchy eyes, runny nose, or more. Our Premium Pet Dander Allergy Air Filters reduces your allergic symptoms by properly filtering more dander and other allergens out of your homes air than any other filter on the market. Spend a bit of time with us going through the following videos to learn the factors that affect removing pet dander and related allergens from the air and why we've built the best filter on the market to do just that.

Why is the Rate of Air Flow one of the Most Critical Factors when rating a filter's ability to remove pet dander and other allergens from your home?
Many filters claim that they can remove pet dander, virus carriers, smoke, and more fine particles from your home. They generally rate themselves as a 9 or greater MERV rating. Many of these filters are capable of filtering out allergens and pet dander once the particulates make it to the filter. The issue is a large amount of dander never makes it to the filter because the media these filters use is so restrictive. Many of these filters are far to restrictive to use on your household air conditioning unit because your fan is not strong enough. So what winds up happening is instead of the allergens making it to your filter to be removed from your home the particles wind up following onto the ground, tops of furniture, into your hair, your bed, and winding up in your nose and eyes. 

Having a filter capable of filtering out dander that doesn't allow a high enough air flow for particles to get to your filter actually winds up doing more harm than good to the quality of your air. You have to have a filter with a high rate of air flow.

Why Filter Efficiency is Important When Removing Pet Dander Allergens from your Home

Filter efficiency is essentially a measurement of how well a filter does at filtering out a particle of a certain size. For example, a human hair is about 100 microns. Chances are most filters on the market are going to filter out that hair 100 out of 100 times.

Pet dander on the other hand is 3 microns. A great filter will filter out 95 out of every 100 particles of air filter that reaches the filter. Our filters filter 98 out of 100 particles on average.

A Filter with High Capacity is Critical to Successfully Removing Pet Dander
We talked about how critical a high rate of air flow is in order to get the dander to the furnace filter for it to be filtered. We then talked about how you need to have an efficient furnace filter in order to actually remove the dander once it reaches the filter. But none of us are going to change out our furnace filters daily or weekly. They need to last at least a month or more. That's when capacity comes into play.

The filters with the highest capacity are going to be four inches more or thicker. Since most homeowners don't have a setup to support that thick of a filter you are going to need to select from your one inch filters. Your typical one inch wide home furnace filter has very limited capacity because it catches all the particles on the surface of the media. That means that as soon as you put the filter in place it is already starting to become even more restrictive. Every day it is in your unit it becomes more restrictive which reduces air flow. In this case efficiency remains the same but due to lower air flow, less pet dander makes it to the filter unit to be filtered out. These filters performance over the course of a month drops of tremendously and they should never be run longer than a month.

Our premium pet dander home furnace filters actually have multiple layers. The outside layer catches the largest particles, the middle layer catches the mid-sized particles, and the inner layer catches the smallest particles. This allows the air to still have a path through the filter which vastly increases capacity and maintains a high rate of air flow through the full three months of the filter.
The True Cost of Home Furnace Air Filters
When you talk about the cost of furnace filters most homeowners simply think about the cost of the filter itself. That isn't the true cost of a home furnace filter. The true cost of the filter is a factor of:

1.) Utility Bills
2.) HVAC Maintenance Cost
3.) The Cost of the Filter

Our Premium Pet Dander Furnace and Air Filters reduce the load on your homes heating and air system by approximately 25%. That means your unit runs about 25% less with our filters in it than those of your typical home air filters. That means your HVAC unit uses 25% less electricity. And since it runs 25% less then your maintenance bills will be reduced as well because the unit is running less.

When evaluating the cost of the filter itself you must factor in how long the filter truly lasts. Even though some companies claim their filters will last for three months almost all of them should be changed at least once a month because of how restrictive they are. Our filters on the other hand are true three month furnace filters. That means that you will have paid for three filters for every one you must do with us.

With all of these factors considered we have determined that our filters basically pay for themselves between utility savings and extra longevity. Factor in the reduced maintenance cost of your unit and these filters will actually cost you less while providing better filtration with the removal of pet dander. That is what you call a win, win, win situation.
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